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To succeed in life, one must first fail. Passing through a point that seems impossible is the key to achieving success. People set their own limits. Coding for me is feeling limitless combining imagination and logic. My journey began when I had an idea to develop fitness app, where I did not know where to begin. I began self-teaching and researching about most updated technologies, learning HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails, by combining functionality, interaction and form to design for fitting user experiences.

The best way to accomplish your goals is by finding a “dream”, vision that dream, and make it into reality. With a lot of hard-work, not sleeping many nights, building projects for friends, and prototyping my own ideas I finally learned the foundations and I am able to build a website from scratch. I help businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations to reach their goals. I have a passion for creating challenging, intuitive and beautiful products. My design process is very hands-on and visual.

Challenging yourself is the best way to know your limits and make a progress in life. One should never be afraid to challenge one’s self to “the edge”. I made a commitment to be a Web Developer, and to keep learning new technologies for the rest of my life. When it comes to code, I do whatever it takes to find the right syntax and continue building until it becomes a 100% working app.

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The works I am proud of


Tip Calculator

Personal tip calculation tool for restaurant enthusiasts

  • Utilized User Interface Design with CSS3 to enhance user experience
  • Employed JavaScript functions and conditional statements to manipulate DOM elements

Halloween Costume Match

Generating halloween costumes based on categories such as men or women and costume categories scary, funny, sexy. Used HTML and css and jQuery

car racer

Car Racer

jQuery car racer game

  • Built User Interface Design with CSS3 to enhance user experience.
  • Employed jQuery library to manipulate DOM elements to initiate car racing
  • Utilized jQuery click event to display winning car results
Todo App

Todo App

Web-based personal organization tool with to-do list and weekly calendar

  • Built User Interface Design with CSS3 to enhance user experience
  • Utilized jQuery plugins draggable and droppable in order to reschedule or remove a task

Hipster Startup

Hipster Startup using Bootstrap


Dating app connecting singles through volunteer work on shared causes and passions

  • Built API using Ruby on Rails and the MVC pattern
  • Wrote CRUD logic using Ruby on Rails for joining users and activities
  • Integrated Facebook signup and used paperclip gem and Amazon AWS S3 to store profile photo


Blog application to share posts among users.

  • Built API using Ruby on Rails and the MVC pattern
  • Wrote CRUD logic using Ruby on Rails for joining users and posts



Personal planning tool to find and share restaurants and venues

  • Built API using Ruby on Rails and the MVC pattern
  • Employed Devise gem to create users and customized alerts/errors for validations and user permission
  • Designed the database schema, configured ActiveRecord associations, and utilized nested resource to display reviews
  • Utilized Rails Scaffolding to build CRUD interface, enabling user association and links to reviews



Personal surveillance tool connecting property owners with personal monitors

  • Built API using Ruby on Rails and the MVC pattern with Angular Front End
  • Wrote CRUD logic using Angular for connecting users with property to be watched
  • Utilized Angular to fetch rails API backend and display user contact information
  • Employed Bootstrap and custom CSS to design front end
Todo List App

Todo List App


Todo List App using Ruby on Rails and CRUD.



Welding Machines used clean code with bootstrap


Freelance Front End Web Developer

Freelance • Remote

Since November 2016

Private Mentor

Paramus, NJ

Since August 2016

Chess Instructor

Brainyak Kids • Paramus, NJ

Since November 2014

Personal Trainer

Refuah Health Center • Spring Valley, NY

Since September 2014

Freelance Front End Web Developer

Used HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript and Bootstrap to build interactive websites and admin panels for companies looking to improve their online presence.

Developed clean user interfaces and enhanced user experience on each project.

Advised and built from start to finish. Beginning with wireframing, then designing the look,helped to write the web content, and finally adding it to their server to get it online

Private Mentor

Personally tutor 5th grade student on core concepts and best practices in JavaScript.

Develop structured lesson plan and assign/ review homework to ensure comprehension and build coding confidence.

Chess Instructor

Instructed class of 10-15 students in chess-building skills; created teaching objectives, class activities and homework assignments

Developed interactive games and incentive-based methods to increase student comprehension, learning motivation and participation.

Educated students on integrating chess concepts into their daily routines to build long-term chess habits, skills and appreciation.

Personal Trainer

Design exercise customized and fitness programs to help patients from diverse cultural backgrounds to achieve their health goals.

Evaluate patients to strategically design customized workout routines, ensuring comprehension and driving motivation.

Schedule patient appointments , coordinate referrals and scan documents for data entry/archiving.

Developed gym policies and regulations from the ground up, collaborating with a team of 4 people.

My Working Process


Talk through the project to discuss your final vision for the project.


I translate the wireframe and design into code.


I wireframe your design and make sure I understand exactly what you want to create.


I test your application accross other browsers to make sure it functional.

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Ziv Zamechek
123 Mystery Road
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